Janos Botyanszki

Janos Botyanszki

Janos Botyanszki

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Specialty areas

Working with Dan Kasen on the Nebular Phase of SNe.


I’m a graduate student in the U.C. Berkeley Physics Department and work in the Nuclear Science Division at LBNL.

Research Interests

My interests are in computational astrophysics, especially Supernovae and cosmology.

Research projects

I’m also working on an online database to share theoretical models, hoping to bridge the gap between experimental and theoretical efforts studying transient phenomena.

Past Work:

During my undergrad years at Berkeley, I worked with Professor Saul Perlmutter’s group on a spectroscopic search for supernovae via spectral fitting of galaxy spectra. I was recipient of BPURS (Berkeley Physics Undergraduate Research Scholarship) four times, and spent quite a bit of time learning the tools of the trade from one of the best experimental cosmology groups in the world.

I went on to work with Dr. Peter Nugent and the Palomar Transient Factory (PTF), where I was responsible for candidate selection for spectroscopy and developed a system to organize SN Ia candidates for spectroscopy runs. I worked for a short time with the BigBoss project to determine whether PTF imaging is suitable for target selection.


I help facilitate the popular Sufi Meditation DeCal at UCB. We generally have 5+ sections each week and over 100 students benefitting each semester from the stress management techniques and spiritual exposure provided by Tamarkoz® Sufi Meditation. Here’s a link to our class page.