Ken Shen

Ken SHen

Ken Shen

Research Specialist


UC Berkeley Department of Astronomy
213 Campbell Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-3411

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Specialty areas

White Dwarf Physics in Binary Systems.


I’m an assistant staff researcher in the UC Berkeley astronomy department where I study the astrophysics of white dwarfs in interacting binary systems, with a focus on thermonuclear phenomena.  I received my PhD in September 2010 in the Department of Physics at UC Santa Barbara where I worked with Lars Bildsten at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, and from 2011-2014, I was a postdoctoral Einstein fellow at UC Berkeley and LBNL.


First- and second-authored publications:

“Sub-Chandrasekhar-Mass White Dwarf Detonations Revisited”

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“Thermonuclear .Ia Supernovae from Helium Shell Detonations: Explosion Models and Observables”
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Other publications:

“Discovery of a Cosmological, Relativistic Outburst via its Rapidly Fading Optical Emission”
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Popular science press:

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2012: “Earliest-yet observation of August supernova nails it: Destroyed star was white dwarf”

2011: “Hubble images help pin down identity of August supernova’s companion star”

2009: “New type of supernova explosion reported; predicted by theoretical physicists at UCSB”